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will it be updated to have mouse support

Fun to play around with, but somehow the keyboard is messed up. I’ve got a QWERTZ keyboard, which messes up the function. Tho when I switch the layout from DE to EN, (basically QWERTZ to QWERTY) it still won’t work properly. But nonetheless a lot of fun :D Thank you!

Awesome Man

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I have an issue, when I open the app It only display it's name, but I can play sound with my keyboard.

Did you export the .pck alongside the .exe?


Yep ='(

I tested it on an another PC and it worked, great app =) I had fun playing with it, and the look is awesome =)

You can embed the pck file in the exe in godot. That way you only have one exe file.

Just try  to mess around the export settings. There is a checkbox to embed pck file in the executable for all platforms, including Linux. (is not needed in mac)

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Looks great, i will use it for my own game :)